BrewDog Beer is now Carbon Negative

UK based brewery Brew Dog announce they have become the world’s first carbon negative brewery. The company have purchased a 2,050-acre forest where they aim to plant one million trees starting in 2021. They are also looking to restore 650 acres of peatland over the next 4 years to help offset the environmental impact of their production. The BrewDog Forest will be one of the largest native woodlands created in the UK for many years.

They also use wind to help power their breweries and bars along with gas made from leftover grain from the brewing process. The company are in the process of switching to electric vehicles for all of their drivers.
Internal reports show the breweries total carbon footprint is 67,951 tons of CO₂ a year with 49,908 tons of that coming from the UK business alone. Their new strategy, developed in partnership with sustainability expert Mike Berners-Lee, will look to remove twice as much of this from the air every year. The company also hope to use this initiative to build a campsite and host sustainability retreats and workshops to help educate and spread awareness on environmental issues.

In 2017, BrewDog released “Make Earth Great Again”, a new beer designed to raise awareness on the impact of climate change. The witty name references a slogan often used by Donald Trump and shows the US president wrestling a polar bear. Ingredients were selected to reinforce this message using water sourced from melting ice caps and Arctic Cloudberries which are now classified as an endangered species. The drink was released as a protest against the USA’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement with profits going towards UK-based climate charity, 10:10.

by Kobi Merrikin, Account Manager

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