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The Challenge

EDF (a French owned company) is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain and the largest supplier to British businesses. With over 150,000 employees across the country and sustainability at the core of what they do, EDF is set on being at the forefront of CSR both on a business and personal level. With such a varied and widespread employee workforce, EDF was struggling to communicate not only their sustainability objectives, but the accomplishments of their efforts too. They needed to encourage employee engagement by keeping their workforce empowered, involved and excited to tackle their sustainability targets.

The Solution

Using our knowledge of employee success and empowerment, we implemented data communication and engagement strategies, to develop a highly-detailed EDF engagement plan. The plan focussed on key influencers, who would encourage employee engagement and help workers learn more about sustainability. In short, they would give them the motivation they needed to realise their goals.

The Benefits

Integrating what we had discovered, a special feature was integrated to EDF’s internal magazine. Using content strategies to enhance engagement, we covered everything from web campaigns to room designs. Interactive visuals appeared frequently to promote ease of understanding while the sustainability ambitions of the company were listed in a way that employees could instantly identify and act upon. By using more visual and compelling elements to truly portray a commitment to sustainability effectively communicates and is a key driver in positive organisational change. 

Words from us

"EDF needed an innovative and visually-stimulating way of communicating their sustainability vision. SustainIt were able to translate their data into an engaging set of infographics that met their needs."

Charlie Stockford, CEO

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