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The Challenge

Utilising BAT’s (British American Tobacco) UL cr360 system we were tasked to manage the End market Sustainability Survey process for over 90 BAT markets.  Our role was to manage all communications and data from each of the end Markets revolving around their CSI (Corporate Social Investment) data. Part of the challenge was to ensure data consistency, particularly with aggregated data in excel compared with data in the cr360 system, ensuring consistency with evidence provided by different markets within the organisation. 

The Solution

The CSI programmes fit within three areas, Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, Empowerment and Civic Life. SustainIt were required to engage with the end Markets to ensure consistent, timely and accurate data responses and then extract explanatory statistics and top-line analysis reporting for specific areas of market data for Youth Smoking Prevention (YSP) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI), including trends and key conclusions. We liaised with Ernst & Young to provide any further information for their audits and provided BAT with the information and analysis required to understand their investments.

The Benefits

SustainIt helped BAT ensure that they could meet external best practices for CSI which expect the majority of corporate giving to be focused in areas that directly address the key impacts of the business. We provided BAT with the knowledge, statistics and assurance that their investments are focused in the right areas and that the projects really support the business objectives.

Words from BAT

"We are committed to reducing our environmental impact across our supply chain and operations. Successful environmental management is at the heart of our approach."

Daniel Tomazella, Regional Head of Environment

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