where we began

Where we began

In 2005, the seeds for SustainIt were sewn. Sitting around the kitchen table, one night, in the Somerset countryside, our CEO, Charlie, had an idea.

She felt that her combination of technical knowledge and client service experience could offer something unique. She already enjoyed working with challenging – if not slightly controversial – businesses, and wanted to help organisations behave in a “better” way.

You may not believe in what a business sells, but you can still impact how they do business. If you can empower them to look after their staff and suppliers; manage the environment considerately; reduce factory accident rates or carbon emissions, then you’re making a difference.

Soon after, SustainIt was born and swiftly began to work with the CSR teams of large corporates, such as Imperial Brands Group, Britannia Building Society and Cadbury’s. Since then, we have worked with companies, large and small, to improve their sustainability, reduce their costs and achieve their goals. You can read some of our case studies here.

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons, which we readily share with our clients. We’ve seen governments change and legislation initiatives come and go. We’ve weathered these storms with our clients and steered them safely through the ups and downs towards a sustainable future.

When we started out, only a few companies were managing and reporting their non-financial data. Now it’s an essential component of any business. As the market and need has grown, so have our services. We’re still ahead of the curve, but remain true to our original vision, to our ethics and to the way we do business.