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Women in Business

We are passionate about supporting younger women starting in business. We facilitate this by providing entrepreneurship skills and a strong mentoring programme.

Large global studies show a strong correlation between the presence of women in corporate leadership positions and positive business performance. Building an organic “pipeline” of female managers throughout a business, as opposed to simply installing a female CEO at the top, is fundamental to its success.

Changing your diversity from no female managers to even a 30% representation is associated with a 15% increase in the net revenue margin. The bottom line: gender diversity is profitable.

Providing women with opportunities to learn and develop within a small business is good for everyone: it helps our business and puts a higher, confident skill set into the working pool. It’s a win-win situation.

“It has been my privilege to work with so many hardworking, courageous and creative women over the years and I hope to continue to provide them many more opportunities.”

Charlie Stockford, SustainIt CEO.

Charlie Stockford, CEO

Starting SustainIt has been one of the most exciting things I have accomplished in my career. Running and building this business over the past 15 years has definitely been the most fulfilling, challenging and biggest roller coaster I’ve ever ridden!

I left school at 17 with very few academic qualifications, although I did start my first business, fabric painting, at the age of 15! Over the years, I have built many businesses and I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most fantastic clients and wonderful staff.

Understanding and hiring people who are – in many roles – far more skilled than me, has been very humbling. I’ve learnt to evolve, whilst leading and supporting a fabulous team.
I firmly believe in the strength of the whole: we empower each team member to excel at their role. The result is an organisation where innovation is highly valued and where there is a true spirit of trust and belonging.

I still have a sense of adventure: I can sometimes be found cruising on our restored, historic Dutch barge around the canals of northern Europe, come snow or shine. I also enjoy swimming in the nearly-freezing waters of the UK’s south coast!

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Nicola Ainger, MD

My passion for business can be traced back to my first teenage business plan: how to make a million by investing my pocket money in the stock market! Sadly it didn’t quite pan-out, but I remain passionate about business and have a keen interest in people, numbers and travel. That’s a useful combination in my line of work!

From supporting a race team in Mexico, to doing the administration for a school in Hong Kong, I’ve been a globetrotter from the start. I love exploring and learning about other people and places. Outside of the office, I’m a busy mum and love helping children to learn more about our world, whether that’s supporting our local guides or school PTA’s fundraising efforts.

My hobbies are all things foodie and making stuff. If you visit, you’ll always find food and a craft project on the go. We have so many craft supplies, that my husband has banished them to the garage!

Connect with me over LinkedIn for a chat, networking opportunities and more!

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