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The Challenge

As technology continued to advance Centrica was receiving increased pressure to provide a more diverse context of thier sustainability data while improving its accuracy. They needed SustainIt’s assistance to identify streamlining and configuration efficiencies to their existing Enablon solution.  There was also the additional challenge of engaging the system users and stakeholders of their data collection processes to improve data accuracy and firmly put them at the forefront of their competitors.

The Solution

After an in-depth research and data analysis phase, SustainIt redefined the processes for data collection to provide system admins with greater flexibility and also developed a tool that allowed environmental campaigns to be launched with ease and effectiveness. Our technology expertise meant that we could write advanced technological algorithms to develop carbon intensity calculations across a broader number of variables (equity share, historic baselines, geography etc.) and enable the system to measure Scope 3 emission sources. Fleet emissions were introduced as analytic capabilities, enhancing existing CO2 reporting methods to include more data, more accuracy and more insight.

The Benefits

Redefining processes ensured that the system admins had greater flexibility and easier job of managing their highly complex Enablon solution. The algorithms and configuration of the system KPIs and calculations ensure that Centrica had improved reporting capabilities and could really start to understand and be confident in their data and the reports that the system produced. This in turn allowed their reporting methods to include more accuracy and more insight to really drive the changes they wanted to see and be leaders in the Sustainability Energy industry.

Words from Centrica

“It's very rare for me to come across individuals who can deal with the 'detail', and come up with creative solutions quickly and it gave me great confidence that I could have a discussion with SustainIt and trust they could do what was needed. Through their efforts, often at short notice due to the nature of my project, we overcame the problems faced and I see that as a key factor in the successful transition that I saw to our new system”

Jan Van Rein, Group HSE Analyst

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