Environmental and Sustainability Policy

At SustainIt we take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. The protection of the environment is a core value at SustainIt and we aim to achieve best environmental and sustainable practice and deliver to the highest quality standards.

SustainIt will therefore:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Measure and reduce our waste, seeking opportunities to reuse and recycle material where possible
  • Procure recycled resources, stationery and packaging, purchase Fairtrade consumables and seek local suppliers where possible
  • Monitor and use energy efficiently, purchasing energy efficient equipment and training employees in energy management
  • Track our emissions from business travel and promote sustainable travel including car sharing, public transport and cycle to work schemes
  • Measure our water consumption and incorporate water saving processes into our business
  • Create a green office for our employees
  • Gain and act upon feedback from our network and clients
  • Promote continuous improvement of environmental and sustainable performance
  • Share environmentally friendly reusable or recycled solutions with clients
  • Communicate this policy to those working for SustainIt and engage in dialogue with our clients regarding our commitment to the environment and sustainability
  • Maintain and review the management system to support the implementation of this policy
  • Demonstrate a commitment to leadership within the fields of sustainable development
  • Work with local charities and community groups, offering all employees two volunteer days per year
  • Grow the business sustainably
  • Monitor and communicate our environmental and sustainable performance regularly and set objectives and targets for further improvement

These policies will be reviewed and updated annually by senior management.

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