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The Challenge

Cadbury’s has always pushed to innovate its sustainability practices. In doing so, it was only a matter of time before their current system began to struggle, slowing performance, productivity and employee morale. Cadbury’s knew they needed a system that could support the metrics and analytics for over 500 kpis as well as provide user friendly data reporting for employees to use and act upon. The platform needed to be flexible, dynamic and adaptable. In a nutshell, Cadbury’s wanted to remove the clutter and confusion and replace it with a system that would get the job done.

The Solution

Streamlining the data and metrics as well as reviewing how employees were using the system and identifying the frustrations that got in their way. We even focused on smaller details that would make a big difference such as shortcuts, data implementation tools and report visualisations.

Our findings showed what changes needed to be made. SustainIt then restructured all of Cadburys KPI’s into manageable categories to allow use of automated consolidation and calculations; we employed algorithms that tracked energy conversion stats both over time and within essential geographic locations; and we reconfigured all the reporting functionality.

The Benefits

Effective data collection and accuracy ensured that Cadbury’s were now able to produce reports with meaningful insights and provide them with the assurance to take action to get tangible results.  By ensuring that every employee was up to scratch on training on the system and providing engaging and useful workshops meant that using the system was now an effective management tool for all the sites.

Words from Mondelez

"Over the years, we evolved our approach to more clearly link our company’s purpose to the positive environmental and social impact we are delivering on the ground."

Christine McGrath, Vice President and Chief of Global Impact

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