Case Study – PepsiCo

The Challenge

PepsiCo started in 1965 and is now one of the world’s most-respected companies with products sold in more than 200 countries and 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. PepsiCo is currently using a version of the Enablon system for the capture and reporting of their environmental and carbon data. As the starting point for a long term project to rationalise and develop the PepsiCo Enablon solution, SustainIt were asked to perform a review of the current system to identify improvements and developments in advance of a major upgrade, to provide more streamlined reporting, minimise administrative time, improve current functionality and overhaul system users and licences.

The Solution

SustainIt are experts in the Enablon solution and provided PepsiCo with the expertise and assistance they needed to improve their existing Enablon system as well as help manage the large transition to a newer, more robust Enablon solution.  Working in the detail of PepsiCo’s data was part of the solution and included reviewing consistency checks, importing considerable amounts of historic data and ensuring its accuracy in the new version. PepsiCo also wanted to minimise the administration time spent on the system so SustainIt helped build better processes for managing the system as well as provide better definitions and explanations for the system users.

The Benefits

At the end of the system overhaul and upgrade PepsiCo were in much more control of their software solution which meant that sustainability personnel could be freed up to concentrate on sustainability projects and strategies. The reduction in licences immediately created a cost saving and the streamlining of processes around the system management provided far more resource for other projects.

Words from Pesico

"Our license to operate depends on achieving sustainability.”

Dr. Mehmood Khan PepsiCo’s Vice Chairman

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