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The Challenge

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) had some ground-breaking strategies for improving their sustainability operations. They needed a cloud based EHS system that could allow them to understand their climate change responsibilities as well as reduce their environmental impact, maintain a keen focus on keeping colleagues and managed staff safe and healthy at work, by minimising their exposure to risks and providing training, education and encouragement where it really makes an impact. With over 40,000 employees in over 60 countries focusing on consumer health, their software system needed to operate effortlessly, handling both internal and external reporting features with ease.

The Solution

We’ve always placed a solid emphasis on Customer Success, which is why so much effort is driven into our research phase. Using our workflow analysis and audit process, we looked at factors such as location, user relevance, data owners, reporting platforms, data structures and system requirements. Great research gives great insight, and so we knew exactly what needed to be implemented.Configuring the iSystain system, we developed a platform that enabled RB to overcome the hurdles they had faced and get working on their health and hygiene innovation programmes.

The Benefits

With this new EHS system in place RB employees were able to:

  • Create user-friendly dashboards that displayed real-time data so employees could track,measure and report with ease
  • Quickly and accurately define KPI’s and corporate performance targets that were tailored to each job role, geography, market and project management team based on real-time data and metrics
  • Create simple yet detailed reports at the click of a button, outlining energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and health and safety initiatives.

Words from Reckitt Benckiser

"As our stakeholders and their way of consuming content changes, so has our approach to sustainability reporting."

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