our people


Our people mean the world to us. They’re the driving force of passion and inspiration. They’re also our family! We want our team to love what they do, so we do all we can to make SustainIt an amazing and energising place to work. From nurturing individual talents, to finding opportunities to allow them to grow personally and professionally, we like to think that we’ve created a fun and supportive culture, that’s been key to our success. After all, happy staff make happy clients.


Education plays a big part in this and every member of staff is given two days a year to volunteer at a project of their choice. They write up their experience in an article to share with the rest of the team and the outside world. (Link: Here are some of them to give you an idea).


At SustainIt, we like to practise what we preach. Every year, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, by collecting data on our own impact. We then create a sustainability report and set ourselves goals to reach. There’s always room for improvement whether you are a large or small business.

Charlie Stockford


Expertise: Leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity “Best the best you can be”
Superpower: Creative Innovation

Chris McDonald

IT and Systems Consultant

Expertise: Technology behind systems and infrastructure
Superpower: Turning ideas into reality


Nicola Ainger

Managing Director

Expertise: Team coordinator, and CSR system expert
Superpower: Team happiness manager


Callum Rees

Account Manager

Expertise: Client happiness increaser and software selection guru Superpower: Beer King – saving lifes on Friday afternoons

Katie Stockford

Service Delivery and Project Manager

Expertise: Customer service guru and project management
Superpower: Making clients happy


Jonathan Sheldrake

Junior System Consultant

Expertise: Understanding how clients want to use their data
Superpower: Top office Barista

Pippa Stockford

Innovation and Marketing Manager

Expertise: Out of the box, problem solving Superpower: Driving creativity and all things social

Sam Hadfield

Systems Consultant

Expertise: Designing questionnaires to capture data efficiently
Superpower: Making spreadsheets come alive

David Stockford

Technical Director

Expertise: Problem solving and organisation
Superpower: The fixer of all things Techie

Stefanie Bongert

Systems Consultant

Expertise: Creating the system setup that enables great ideas to be backed up by data
Superpower: Finding the odd values in your dataset

Empar Barriera Ferrer

Account Manager

Expertise: Creating strong realationships with clients
Superpower: CSR Queen