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BrewDog Beer is now Carbon Negative

UK based brewery Brew Dog announce they have become the world’s first carbon negative brewery. The company have purchased a 2,050-acre forest where they aim …

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We’re Hiring – EHS Technical Systems Consultant

We are now looking for someone to join our Support and Delivery team who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the sustainability industry. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing, dynamic digital team working with global brands spanning out from Utility’s, Travel, Financial, Automotive, Technology and more.

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Account Manager Opportunity

BACK TO OUR STORIES > SustainIt provide EHS and sustainability consulting and support services to organisations around the world. For more than fifteen years we …

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COVID-19: Support offered within the sustainability software market

At SustainIt we wanted to share news around what some of our market leading EHS / sustainability software partners are doing to help their customers utilize these powerful software platforms across risk, health & safety as well as sustainability to better understand more about COVID-19 related impacts to their business and staff.

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JA 01

Junior Data Analyst Opportunity

BACK TO OUR STORIES > SustainIt provide CSR and sustainability consulting and support services to organisations around the world. For more than fifteen years we …

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Inequality and Covid-19 – making change for good

BACK TO OUR STORIES > Almost all global crises have one thing in common; the poorest and the most vulnerable in our world will be …

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Emerging tech

Changing the face of sustainable business through emerging tech

Data has hugely impacted our business perspectives over the last few years. Instead of a few spreadsheets to manage our environmental impact we are now looking at complex systems in order to simplify data.

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Virtual work v.2
Staff Engagement

What are the effects of moving towards a more virtual way of work?

During this unprecedented time, many have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home, or work flexibly. Could our experiences in the coming weeks support a permanent shift towards flexible and virtual working?

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Technical Expertise

Four (less obvious) tips for selecting the right sustainability software

Sustainability software helps companies collect, manage, report and ultimately drive positive change using a variety of data sources and areas. When we speak about sustainability data, we’re not just looking at environmental sustainability but instead, data related to a sustainable world in general including governance, health & safety, supply chain and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Taking Action for Nature
Industry Innovation

Taking Action for Nature – The BNHC Debate

On Wednesday last week, the BNHC held an Action for Nature Debate, inviting four organisations to share their inspirational project, stories and visions with the audience and spark debate on how to best take action.

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