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Strategy and engagement


Knowing your data


Software selection

The Challenge

VF were embarking on a project to plan, select and implement a software system to effectively collect, manage and report their sustainability data. Before they could do this, they needed to fully scope the project, including the replacement of their existing systems and processes. They would then need to manage changes following the definition and agreement of their new strategy and framework. One of the key risks identified was one of communication and engagement with the key stakeholders and with a hectic sustainability programme, they were already struggling to find the internal resource to manage and deliver a project of this size, which is when they got in touch with us.

The Solution

SustainIt worked closely with stakeholders including key brands Timberland, North Face and Vans to define the full scope of the strategy and software project. The key deliverables for this project were clearly defined SDG (Sustainability Development Goals) mapping and detailed data flows and data maps for their energy and water use. SustainIt created and implemented a structured communications plan to maintain commitment and dialogue with the multiple and global key stakeholders throughout the project which was core to its success.

The Benefits

By mapping the SDGs, Strategy framework and data together, SustainIt provided VF corporation with the necessary information to build a complete requirements specification.  From that Requirements Specification they were able to select a relevant software solution to manage their complex data requirements.

Throughout the project VF had clear commitment and dedication to the project from the relevant stakeholders which ensured that all the project outcomes were delivered on time, within budget and to a high quality. 

Words from VF

"It has been really great to work with the SustainIt team on this as well as ongoing SOWs. Your flexible and yet organized nature of working has kept all the projects on track and I'm definitely looking forward to working with all of you on a continued basis.”"

Dharashree Panda, Sustainability Manager

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