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The Challenge

Kuoni have been using a powerful, enterprise sustainability data management tool for a few years. With complex KPI’s, and welldesigned workflows and data collection strategies, the system itself was powerful and highly informative. The challenge Kuoni faced with its usability. They needed to engage their data providers, to understand the importance of the data they were providing and why that data needed to be accurate and on time. 

The Solution

SustainIt’s experience in communicating with stakeholders and in creating bespoke training programmes, meant that we were able to work with the senior stakeholders at Kuoni to build a set of training documents, engagement sessions and online resources, that would provide the necessary focus. This would help data inputters get value and useful insights for their own management strategies.

The Benefits

Enterprise sustainability software solutions are powerful tools, able to handle thousands of points of data from hundreds of users in hundreds of locations. But only if time is taken to engage with those users; otherwise the system will be neither
useful nor reliable. SustainIt helped Kuoni to change the relevant mindsets, meaning that their data suppliers provided useable data on time, every time.


Words from Kuoni code of conduct

"We strive to act as a good corporate citizen which takes into full account the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts of our business. We acknowledge and live up to our responsibility to support a sustainable touristic development."

From the Kuoni Code of Conduct

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