Independent software selection

We know from experience that it’s crucial to choose the right software first time. With our expertise, clients can get this right from the outset, meaning that they minimise risk and save time and money.

Our online digital offering GoMarketWise can help you compare a wide range of leading CSR & sustainability software, to present you with the most appropriate solution for your business requirements and budget. There are three stages to our software selection process.

Our independent online offering, GoMarketWise, can help you compare a wide range of leading CSR and sustainability software, to narrow down the choices, according to your budget and business needs. It offers unbeatable software vendor knowledge. And it only takes five minutes.

By putting the user directly in the driving seat and reducing the software selection process down to a series of straightforward questions, GoMarketWise greatly reduces time spent undertaking background research and empowers you to make a more informed decision.

Once you have your results, SustainIt can work more closely with your organisation to better understand your business case and arrange product demos, before eventually coming to an informed and enlightened decision with you on software selection.

Requirements and Implementation Services
We’re experts in software implementation. We’ll guide you through specifying what your software needs to do, as well as validation, migration and integration of new data feeds and any historic imports.

Process support
We’ll help you to redefine and clarify your system and business processes, to make them more accurate and efficient.

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